Each year we gather as a Society to exhibit our collections, conduct seminars and enjoy each other in fellowship. Contact the show site for Exhibition Prospectus and Hotel information:


The Society from time to time publishes monographs and handbooks on areas of interest to our members. Currently there are no publications outstanding. If there are current publications, they will be listed in this section along with the methods to order them.

The Society, first and foremost, is a network of collectors with a shared enthusiasm for the philatelic history of Australia and the Pacific region. There are many opportunities to meet informally, at sanctioned stamp shows or other venues. Many lasting friendships have developed among members of the SAS/O and membership will open the door for you to participate.

From time to time, SAS/O may conduct auctions by publishing the listing in The Informer or by listing on the web site.If there is a current auction, it will be shown as a pdf file in this section..

Two types of awards are available: SAS/O Exhibition Awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze medallions given to the top three exhibits at our annual convention) and SAS/O Service Awards. A description of the latter follows:

The Peter Kreischer Memorial Award is given to members for outstanding service to the Society. The award honors those members such as officers, committee volunteers and other tireless workers in service to our Society. Peter Kreischer was a selfless worker and leader of the Society who died in 1967.

The James Lessig Memorial Award is given to members for outstanding literary accomplishment in the field of Australasian and Pacific Island philately. Jim Lessig was an excellent researcher, writer and former President of the Society who died early in life in 1976. Jim Lessig was also a mentor to many budding philatelic writers in the early 1970s.

The Thomas M. Belknap Memorial Award is presented to members for exceptional achievement in promoting Australasian and Pacific Island philately through excellence in philatelic exhibitions. Tom Belknap put together many gold medal exhibits of Pacific Islands philately with Papua his most favorite. He was a tireless promoter of SAS/O at stamp shows and exhibitions everywhere.

SAS/O Service Awards are not necessarily given each year.

To nominate any SAS/O Member for a Service Award, send an email to the Awards Committee at any time. Current Officers and Directors are not eligible for the Peter Kreischer Memorial Award until they no longer serve on the SAS/O Board.

Members who wish to dispose of their collections in part or in full are encouraged to discuss this with the Estate Planning Committee. A number of options are available, and the Estate Planning Committee can provide direct assistance or referral services to assist Members or their heirs.