One-Frame Popup Exhibition Closing 8 September 2017


Please send your votes for first and second to Steve Zirinsky

Rules are-

1. One frame (16 pages). First page should be an introduction describing what the exhibit is about.

2. Must be a subject that is within our collecting area.

3. Has to be a new exhibit and something you have not done before

4. Maximum cost per piece is $US 100

5. Open to everyone (non members as well).

6. The Jury is the entire SAS/O membership. Voting will take place between the 8th and 10th.

7. Prize is a two year subscription to the SAS/O.

8. Entries must be submitted electronically as PDF or large JPEG files to our webmaster Peter Allen at,

These will be posted on the SAS/O website for review

9. This is a no fee competition.

10. Entries due by 5PM PST on September 8th 2017.
May the best exhibit win!


For further details contact Steve Zirinsky


1. The Exhibition pages should be viewed on a large screen. They will be hard to read on small screens, phones and tablets.
2. To View Exhibition pages

a. Go to the Exhibit page – see menu right side of this page
b. click the first image on the page ( top-left). This brings up the Exhibition as a slide show.
c. Scroll through the pages using the arrows on the right and left of the images. The page number is shown at the bottom of each image. They are in order starting with the first page.
d. For a full-size view, click the “View Full Size” link bottom right. For an even larger image, click over the top of the image ( you will see the “enlarge” icon “+” the you hover over the image.)
e. At full size, you need to go back to slideshow mode to re-commence scrolling. Click on the Exhibit name in the Browser bar to get back to slideshow mode.