One-Frame Popup Exhibition Closing 8 September 2017

Rules are-

1. One frame (16 pages). First page should be an introduction describing what the exhibit is about.

2. Must be a subject that is within our collecting area.

3. Has to be a new exhibit and something you have not done before

4. Maximum cost per piece is $US 100

5. Open to everyone (non members as well).

6. The Jury is the entire SAS/O membership. Voting will take place between the 8th and 10th.

7. Prize is a two year subscription to the SAS/O.

8. Entries must be submitted electronically as PDF or large JPEG files to our webmaster Peter Allen at,

These will be posted on the SAS/O website for review

9. This is a no fee competition.

10. Entries due by 5PM PST on September 8th 2017.
May the best exhibit win!


For further details contact Steve Zirinsky