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“The Informer” sample contents for some recent volumes

Volume 75

Number 1: January 2011

  • Reid, Patrick, “Tasmania’s Private Pictorial Letter Cards”
  • Pope, Brian, “Comment on Robert Stein’s ‘Nauru Airmails Part I: 1926 to 1944’”
  • Kasper, Jerry, “Fiji’s First Imprinted Air Letter Printer’s Proof”
  • Datta, Prabir, “NAURU: Various Flaws in the 1975 Phosphate Mining Issue”
  • Zirinsky, Steven, “New Marshall Island Datestamps”
  • White, Dale, “1960 [Australia] Christmas Stamps and the King James Bible”

Number 2: April 2011

  • Weirich, Jerry, “A Study of the Tasmania Lithographed Halfpenny Pictorial with OD Perfirn”
  • Klug, Janet, “New Discovery: Previously Unrecorded Tonga Tin Can Mail Evacuation Covers”
  • Granfield, Peter, “The Colony of North Australia (1846-1847)”
  • Molnar, Les, “Victoria’s Registered and Too Late Stamps: A Micro-Engraving Discovery”
  • Barwis, John, “A Nearly Missed Clipper Sailing” [Victoria-London]
  • Datta, Prabir, “NAURU: The Use of Local Postage”
  • Stein, Robert, “Kiss-prints on KGV NAURU Seahorse Overprints”
  • Herr, William McD., “Charity Stamps of Three Australian States”
  • White, Dale, “The Tasmanian Devil”

Number 3: July 2011

  • Wynns, John, “The 1927 Canberra Booklet”
  • Granfield, Peter, “Colony of North Australia 1846: One Man’s Story”
  • Kennett, Judy, “Australia’s First Charity Stamps in More than 100 Years”
  • Wynns, John, “New Discovery: Partial Offsets on WA Centennial tamp of 1929”
  • Zirinsky, Steven, “New Postal Stationery from PNG”
  • Zirinsky, Steven, “New Aerogrammes from the Solomon Islands”
  • White, Dale, “The 1983 America’s Cup and Australia II”

Number 4: October 2011

  • Schumann, Stephen, “New Zealand’s Early Printed to Private Order Envelopes”
  • Reid, Patrick, “The Very Elusive 15/CTMS/T Handstamp”
  • Herr, William McD., “The Dutch Exploration of Australia”
  • McNamee, David, “The French in Australia”
  • Molnar, Les, “An Important Victoria Find” [Barred Numeral 281]
  • Forster, Dale, “First Contract Sailing via Panama from Australia”
  • Menuz, Wayne, “A South Australia View Card”

Volume 77

Number 1: January 2013

  • Piszkiewicz, Leonard, “Incoming Mail: Sorting Mail in Australasia for Rapid Delivery in the United States”
  • White, Dale, “Alice Springs”
  • Zirinsky, Steven, “Off Midway Island: A Transpacific Voyage Aboard S.S. Manchuria”
  • Stein, Robert, “My Favorite Stamp” [Nauru]
  • Fricks, Gene, “Post PNG Announces New Postage Rates Effective 1 September 2012”
  • Gregory, Fred, “Hawaii to New South Wales before UPU”
  • Stager, Phillip, “Coconutty Names in the Pacific”
  • McNamee, David, “Tasmanian Savings Bank Packets: An Addendum”

Number 2: April 2013

  • Elsmore, Dave, “Queensland Money Order System: The Early Years”
  • Zirinsky, Steve, “Guam: An Official Meter Imprint”
  • Zirinsky, Steve, “More About Midway”
  • Granfield, Peter, “Officially Registered Confusion”
  • White, Dale, “The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne”
  • Lancaster, John, “The Opening of Federal Parliament and the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings”
  • Shoemaker, Robert, “The 1944 Kangaroo Air Mail Service”
  • Elsmore, Dave, “Important New Revenue Find: Tasmania 1s. on 3d on Document”
  • Granfield, Peter, “1913 Kangaroo Cover to the Canal Zone”
  • Granfield, Peter, “A Rare Tatts Marking”
  • Datta, Prabir, “Nauru: A Forged Cancellation”
  • Shoemaker, Robert, “Special Australian POW Cover”
  • Gillis, David, “Correction to Solomon Islands Semi-Private Aerogramme Article”

Number 3: July 2013

  • Cottington, Jim, “1995 Fiji Bird Definitives: The Straight Line Obliterator Trials”
  • White, Dale, “Australia 2013”
  • Moriarty, Nigel, “Surfing Australia”
  • Shoemaker, Robert, “The DOT and the DASH – Two Varieties of the 1950 King George VI Aerogramme”
  • White, Dale, “The 1982 Sterner Frog and Bird Test Folder”
  • Kasper, Jerry,” The 1944 Kangaroo Air Mail Service: Further Comments”
  • Reid, Patrick, “RE: ‘Officially Registered Confusion’”
  • Forster, Dale, “Discovery of an Unrecorded Tasmanian 1d Courier Cover”
  • Kennett, Judy, “SMS Wolf – A USA Connection?”

Number 4: October 2013

  • Shoemaker, Robert, “Fun with Aerogrammes!
  • Granfield, Peter, “New Postage Tax Conversion Rate Discovery”
  • Zirinsky, Steve, “Recent Solomon Islands Postal Forms”
  • White, Dale, “The Blue Mountains & the First European Crossing”
  • Elsmore, Dave, “New Research on Tasmanian Railway Fee Stamps”

Volume 78

Number 1: January 2014

  • Nickson, David, “Major New KGV Find! 1½d Red Die II Small Multi. Wmk. Perf 14 Printed on Gum Side”
  • McNamee, David, “An Update to Catalogue and Handbook of Tattersall’s Covers”
  • Piszkiewicz, Leonard, “New Zealand to USA via Portland, Oregon: An Unusual Routing”
  • Granfield, Peter, “Tattersall’s Receiving Stamps”
  • White, Dale, “Australia’s First Airmail Flight”
  • Fritts, Bradley, “The Forgotten War: Germany in the Pacific in WWI”
  • Orr, Joan, “Registration Labels and Aerogrammes in The Informer”
  • Weller, Torsten, “1894 Official Mail [South Australia] to Italy”
  • Stafford, Glen, “Research on Western Australian World War II Postmarks on Cover”
  • Zirinsky, Steve, Norfolk Island Lettercards”
  • Elsmore, Dave, “The Missing 3d Gambling Tax?”