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The Informer has been published continuously since the Society was founded in 1936. In its current format, it is a quarterly publication comprising 28 full-color pages. Only original articles are accepted for publication. The Informer does not knowingly reprint articles from other journals unless the article has been updated or rewritten for our audience.
We accept articles relating to Australasian or Pacific philately including new discoveries, analysis and synthesis of philatelic data, philatelic items of note (favorite cover, interesting cancellation, and the like), and thematic subjects; as well as news about members’ achievements and awards, website reviews, resource tools for research, and book reviews on relevant subjects or important events.
The Informer is the primary benefit for many members, and our editorial policy tries to include items of interest to a wide range of philatelic interests and differing levels of collecting. As much as possible, The Informer tries to cover the geographic areas of interest in proportion to the interests of our members – of course our success in this depends upon members’ efforts to write articles for the journal.

Submitting Articles to The Informer

The Informer is produced using desktop publishing software, and all content must be converted to electronic media before being sent to the printer. If a prospective author does not have access to the equipment or software to submit the text and/or illustrations in electronic format, contact the Editor for assistance prior to sending your manuscript, pictures and stamps/covers.
The Editor does the layout of the article and illustrations to fit the available space. The author may suggest the layout, but the Editor has the final say. Likewise, the Editor may make minor adjustments to the text in order to make it fit or to conform to standards of use; e.g., dates will be converted to day-month-year if they are not already in that format. A proof of the article is normally provided to the author as long as there is time prior to publication.
Text may be submitted in two formats – embedded as part of an email message or in a document file attached to an email message. If attached, the preferred word processing software is MS WORD, although WordPerfect is also acceptable. It is also possible to mail a CD-ROM disk with the files included.
Illustrations should be sent separately from the text file, if possible. Charts made in MS EXCEL are welcome and scans should be in “.jpg” or “.tif” format and created at 300 or 400 dpi. Please name the files using a meaningful label and make a note in the text to indicate which illustration goes where. Most email systems have limitations on the file sizes that can be transmitted, so, you may have to send more than one email to transmit the illustrations or use the CD-ROM option. If you borrow someone else’s illustrations for items you do not personally posses, please acknowledge the source in the text.
The Editor is willing to work with anyone who needs extra assistance organizing their article for print.
Articles and news may be submitted at any time. The normal closing dates for the quarterly publication are the 1st of December (for January publication), and March, June and September (for publication in April, July and October). Items received before the journal closes may not be published in that cycle if the journal is already full prior to the close date, so submit your items early. If you are mailing a CD with your article, contact the Editor for the correct mailing address.
See the Sample Journal for examples of articles, or email the Editor to have a free sample of The Informer mailed to you.

Advertising in The Informer

Reach your targeted audience at reasonable cost by advertising in the Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania quarterly journal The Informer.  Member’s rates are $400 per year (4 insertions) for full page in color and proportional for half- and quarter-page ads.  Non-member rates are 10% higher.  Ad copy can change with each issue.

Ad copy must be received by the same closing dates as submitting articles and news (1 December for the January issue, etc.).  Please note that for time sensitive advertisements, we publish so that the issue reaches our members no later than the first week of the date on the issue (by January 7 for the January issue, etc.).

Index of Articles

An Index of articles is maintained by the Editor at the RPSL website: Online Periodicals Catalogue

Sample Issue

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The InformerVol 72 No 661 Jul 2008