SAS/O Archives

The SAS/O has a vast resource of articles providing a wealth of information on stamps and postal history of the Countries included in the Australasian and Oceania region. This resource has been contributed by SAS/O members over many years and much of it has been published in The Informer.

We plan to build an on-line archive of this useful reference material and make it available for the benefit of the collecting community.

You are invited to make use of all information published here for research and study purposes. You’ll  see a ‘share’ icon at the bottom of each page  which enables you to print, email a link  or share  pages on social media .

If you wish to re-publish any information you must first obtain permission from SAS/O.


While SAS/O is very happy to share information with collectors, there are great difficulties with plagiarised material on web pages. Search engines such as google can track duplicate web pages and will impose heavy penalties on any search results from plagiarised web pages.

For this reason we ask that no web pages from our site are copied and reproduced on other websites.

Archive listings

A menu of current reference articles is located in the left sidebar. We intend to continue to add more material to these archives.